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Which Hair is Mine ?
Why Revigen ?
  • Revigen uses only effective and safe ingredients which are scienticially proven. All products in the brand or in pipe-line are developed according to scientific researches and proven results.

  • Revigen follows scrupulously the needs and demands of the consumers and works hard to fulfill consumers' demand under the light of new scientific studies. Recently Revigen created sole stress reliefing hair care products for the distressed people living in the jungle of city life, called it anti-stress hair care products.

  • Revigen never promises a word that can not be kept. Revigen never lets you go after a dream, only inspire confidence in exciting your hair, as all the products depends on strictly proven scientific evidences.

In Short
  • Revigen Repensil hair repair shampoo is the sole shampoo that has no water in it. Haven't you try it yet?

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  • Green tea (Camellia sinensis) has many beneficial effects on the hair. All the products of Revigen for women and Revigen tablets have green tea as an active ingredient to help you stop hair loss and generate new stronger hair.

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  • Average life span of a hair strand is about 3 – 4 years. If you could extend the life span of the hair strands you prevent the hair loss. Now you have Revigen hair care products that will help you caring your hair both external and internal ways.

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