Let your stress not to become your hairs' distress.
Dispel stress for lustrous hair.

Stress is something that is negative and unpleasant to your body, mind, emotions and behaviors. Anything may cause stress and distress your emotions and so far your body becomes over-burdened. How about your hair? Stress make them tired, mostly they have not had enough time to rest and replenish themselves in between the heat of blow dryer, colour treatments, bleachers, curling iron permanents, environmental conditions and even unbalanced diet. When your hair get dry, brittle, fragile and full of split-ends do not look back in anger, just think of Revigen anti-stress hair care products as a helpful friend on your side to combat with distressed hair. Revigen anti-stress hair care products help your hair to get their force back, make them well-rested and well-nourished.

Use Revigen Anti-Stress Shampoo to ease your stress troubled hair.

Revigen anti-stress hair care products have 2 main concerns: Anti-stress and revitalize-generate hair. The main ingredients anti-oxidant rich ulmus (Slippery Elm) bark extract, ginseng extract, chamomile oil are stress fighters where caffeine, vitamins B3, B5, A and E, zinc, Panax ginseng, olive, lavender, soya, sweet almond oils help your hair revitalize and generate. Stress may cause different reactions in the hair by deteriorating natural balance of hair condition and scalp. Stress may have harsh effects on the scalp and the hair, leading dry, oily, dandruff forming, splitting, unruly, fragile and brittle hair. We manage stressed hair with all natural oils, plant extracts, mild cleansers, moisturizes, proteins, vitamins. We give more protection, moisture, strength, repair, nutrients and anti-oxidants to eliminate stress induced hair damages. Revigen anti-stress hair care products come in different compositions; shampoos for oily hair, dry and dyed hair, frizz free, anti-dandruff and daily care hair conditioner. Revigen Anti-Stress Hair Care products resist oxidative stress related damages to hair and revitalize hair, improve scalp conditions, moisturize dry hair and improve texture of dyed hair and gloss.